Civil Engineering

The NRP has established an internationally-leading Joint Research Institute (JRI) in civil engineering to:

  1. promote and facilitate strategic collaboration in those areas of civil engineering research for which the Universities of Aberdeen and Dundee have recognised expertise and reputation;

  2. achieve international-quality research progress that would have not been possible in isolation;

  3. facilitate new interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaborations between individuals and groups in the two institutions and in a pan-Scottish context;
  4. identify new areas of research at the interfaces of existing specialised research interests of the Universities of Aberdeen and Dundee

  5. exploit the investment in human and technical resources of the newly-formed JRI to address forthcoming engineering needs of society with respect to sustainability, environmental change and infrastructure development.

This joint effort builds on the significant existing strengths and capabilities of civil engineering researchers in the two universities, facilitates effective contribution as partners in the Scotland-wide Telford Institute initiative, and, by developing areas of complementary research, establishs a research presence that will be significantly greater than the constituent parts.

The main goals of the institute are (i) to prosecute and promote research of the highest international quality and (ii) to develop new and technologically-innovative solutions to civil engineering and interdisciplinary problems facing society and industry.

These goals are being attained by concentrating effort and resources in the areas of established research strengths at Aberdeen and Dundee, ie Environmental Fluid Mechanics; Concrete Technology, Construction Materials and Structural Engineering; Construction Management and Transport and Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Engineering and Granular Materials.

Forth Rail Bridge

Ana Ivanovic, UoA

Deputy Directors
Peter Robertson, RGU

Peter Davies, UoD