Medical Technologies

Healthcare affects every member of the population and recent advances have fuelled a high level of expectation in terms of treatment quality and possibility. Whilst the field by definition is expansive, we are drawn to three particularly challenging areas to focus our initial programme of collaboration. The institutions involved each have a vested and prolonged interest in these areas of commonality, and more importantly, can offer strength in the breadth and depth of our complementary approaches and expertise. The three major challenges to be overcome involve:

  • long-term practical interfacing of artificial, man-made devices with human tissues and organs especially via optimisation of surface coatings;
  • the creation of practical living-tissue engineered prostheses;
  • novel technology-driven enhancements to minimally invasive protocols;

The triumvirate strategy thus involves the execution of research projects that address the above challenges via respective themed programmes involving:

By necessity, this interdisciplinary proposal brings together existing research groupings consisting of physical scientists and engineers with expertise across Surface and Materials Science, Bioengineering, Tissue Engineering and Surgical Technology. Very close collaboration has also been developed with both academic, and active hospital-based (Ninewells Hospital Dundee & Aberdeen Royal Infirmary), scientists and clinicians from the requisite disciplines of Surgery, Orthopaedics, Radiology and Cardiology, many of whom are drawn from 5* RAE departments (e.g. Surgery and Molecular Oncology & Cardiology at Ninewells).

The deliverables from the research conducted by groupings of members of the JRI will include preliminary proof of concept insights, in depth scientific investigation with resultant high impact publications, as well as more tangible IP across a range of new medical devices, including implants, tissue engineered components and surgical devices.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Andreas Melzer, UoD

Deputy Directors
Radhakrishna Prabhu, UoD

Ian Gibson, UoA

David Lurie, UoA

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Eric Abel, UoD